Issue VIII

April 2022

Democratize Like an Athenian

How to renew our democracies

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Are the Woke the New Gnostics?

What an early Christian heresy tells us about modern progressivism

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Meditation on the Ides of March

What if Julius Caesar hadn’t been assassinated?

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LARPing Up the Wrong Tree

The perils of doing something for the aesthetics and fun

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Issue VII

March 2022

Romans at the End of History

On the danger of multipolarity in the Nuclear Age

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Four Ages of the Olympic Ideal

Ancient, modern, contemporary, and future

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Issue VI

February 2022


The Classical Futurist Predicts Stuff for 2050

What the world is going to look like in 28 years

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On the Origins of Censorship

Why the future of censorship is bright.

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The Meaning of Politics Today

Politics was a source of meaning in classical Greece, but is it today?

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Recommended Readings

On Goldworthy's masterpiece Caesar: Life of a Colossus

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Issue V

January 2022

Map of the Roman Empire

Living on the Periphery of the Empire

What would you have done if you had grown up at the edge of empire?

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No Purpose Without Initiation

On the primacy of ritual, then and now

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The Anger of Achilles

Meanings of the Iliad

Retellings for the past, present, and future

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Chiron and Achilles

Recommended Readings

A retelling of the Iliad, decentralized cities, and predictions for 2050

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Issue IV

December 2021

To Selene

Why Ancient Greece's efflorescence matters to Web3

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Decentralizing the Nation-State

A Classical Futurist Vision for the Network States of the Future

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Building City-States on the Internet

To thrive, online communities cannot neglect sovereignty

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Issue III

November 2021

The Founders of the United States Were Classical Futurists

On the foundations of American politics and intellectual life.

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Ancient Models of Citizenship and Migration

Turning to ancient citizenship for solutions.

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Why crypto needs political philosophy

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Recommended Readings

Joseph Addison, Roberto Calasso, and The Philosopher

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Issue II

October 2021

Discipline Is Freedom

Spartan Lessons for an Era of Superabundance

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3 Classical Works That Inspire Us

A Comic, a Journal, and a Defense Speech

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Issue I

September 2021

On Classical Futurism

Why Antiquity Is The Way Forward

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Let’s Build Cities of Marble, Not Metal

Why Our Future is Ripe for a Revival of Classical Architecture

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The Atemporal Cosmopolis

Why We Should Be Citizens for All Time

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On Forgotten Glories

3 Ways We Can Draw from Ancient Rome to Build a Brighter Future

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