Issue III

November 2021

The Founders of the United States Were Classical Futurists

On the foundations of American politics and intellectual life.

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Ancient Models of Citizenship and Migration

Turning to ancient citizenship for solutions.

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Why crypto needs political philosophy

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Recommended Readings

Joseph Addison, Roberto Calasso, and The Philosopher

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Issue II

October 2021

Discipline Is Freedom

Spartan Lessons for an Era of Superabundance

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3 Classical Works That Inspire Us

A Comic, a Journal, and a Defense Speech

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Issue I

September 2021

On Classical Futurism

Why Antiquity Is The Way Forward

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Let’s Build Cities of Marble, Not Metal

Why Our Future is Ripe for a Revival of Classical Architecture

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The Atemporal Cosmopolis

Why We Should Be Citizens for All Time

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On Forgotten Glories

3 Ways We Can Draw from Ancient Rome to Build a Brighter Future

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